Gift Guide: What We're Giving This Year

Here it is! Our 2021 Gift Guide. 8 Things we love, things we use, and things we love to use!

Her Story | Lisa, Breast Cancer Survivor

In total, I have 8 incisions from these surgeries that have needed care. My Story Skin Care products have been there with me throughout each of my surgeries, in every phase of healing. From softly cleansing, to gently moisturizing, once the wounds would close and heal.

Gluten-free Pancakes

When our daughter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease at age 4, Tim immediately went to work on a gluten-free recipe that would taste just as good as the non-GF version. After several taste tests with the most discerning young palates, he nailed it. Light and fluffy, perfectly golden – gluten-free – perfect pancakes!

Tween & Teen Clear Skin Tips

Here's the reality – there is no cure for acne. There's no silver bullet, no magic cream that can make it disappear forever. Hormonal ebb and flow, genetics, and personal habits all play a part in the appearance of acne, or lack thereof. And of course, we can only really make changes to one of those factors. Focusing on personal habits, I recommend this clear skin regimen for tweens and teens to treat and help keep acne at bay.

Fruits & Vegetables for Great Skin

One of our favorite times of the year is fresh fruits and veggie season. Hello, farmer's market! Fresh fruits and vegetables are wonderful for your skin AND your overall health in general. Food that doubles as skin care?! That's my kind of win-win. For radiant, clear skin, pop by your local markets for some of these skin-friendly, colorful foods. 

7 Ways to Prep Skin for Your Big Day

Calling all brides! And bridesmaids, mothers of the bride, mothers-in-law…even the grooms! We’ve got some simple, yet impactful tips to help you prepare your skin for the big day.

Thankful & Gluten-Free

Our family loves this Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bread recipe from America's Test Kitchen, shared by Gluten Free & More Magazine. I make it without nuts and we use (and highly recommend) Mehl's gluten-free flour. It tastes like all things Fall and makes the house smell so good while baking!

“Hang up and call 911.”

These are the signs of a severe allergic reaction (called anaphylaxis). Please don't assume that it can't happen to you or someone you love. (Researchers estimate that 32 million Americans have food allergies, including 5.6 million children under age 18. That’s one in 13 children, or roughly two in every classroom.)*

Simple, Clean Guacamole

Avocados contain vitamins, essential antioxidants and minerals that fight free radical formation, moisturize skin from within, and provide anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial goodness to help keep skin clear and youthful. So, yep - I'm doing it. I'm officially declaring guac a healthy skin treatment.

At Home DIY Facial

Here's an easy DIY facial that doesn't require anything more than what's already in your pantry and bathroom cabinets. So gather a few supplies, maybe pour a glass of wine, put on some relaxing music, take a deep breath and let's do this!

The Mighty Moisturizer

Consistently using a moisturizer means that your skin will be more balanced. It will also be better equipped to deal with whatever life throws at you — a sharp winter chill, a less-than-perfect day of drinking H20, a hot summer wind, Wine Wednesday — come what may!

5 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW to Improve Skin

Let’s be real… Healthy skin feels like the elusive Holy Grail sometimes. I am often asked, “What can I do to improve my skin?” The answer, of course, is not one silver bullet. It’s not a magical potion or pill. It’s a combination of common sense, realistic ideas that, done consistently, can make a major impact on your skin. Here are 5 real-life tips to help you improve your skin, starting right now.

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