We keep it real, especially when it comes to skin. Like us, we know that you are wise, conscientious and value straightforwardness and candor over inflated promises. You’ll find no professional models in our marketing materials and transparency is paramount in every facet of the Story brand.

The Story Golden Rule:  We create products as we want them – super clean and incredibly effective. And we treat you, our customers, as we want to be treated – with free shipping and an unconditional guarantee. We don’t say clean and gluten-free because it sounds good, but because it’s how we live. It matters to us that our company is one of which our family can be proud. 

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Our Promises

You deserve healthy skin without toxins, needles, or a cabinet full of products.

Our products are backed by a truly unconditional money-back guarantee.

We are founded on Christian and Midwestern values and our products will always be made in the USA.

We only sell products that genuinely work for a skin care purpose. We will never add a product just to have another price point.

We will earn your repeat business and if we mess up, we'll fix it.

We are not an MLM.

We won’t tell you our products work miracles, because they don’t. That’s God’s work.

Your order always ships free, no minimum.

We believe that smile lines are a good thing. Celebrate your story.

Eggshell Membrane

(EM) Hands down our favorite ingredient! There was a time I struggled with how to talk about it because it doesn’t sound "pretty." But when you understand what eggshell membrane is and what God designed it to do, it makes perfect skin care sense.

So much so, that when we decided to reformulate the serum, we went all in. No other brand uses EM at a level even remotely close to where we’re at in our serum. But I read the research, tested and re-tested, and ultimately decided to take the road less traveled to produce a serum that included an (almost) unbelievable amount of EM so that it delivers incredible results, and then some.

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natural preservative systems

Instead of choosing less expensive and easier-to-use synthetic preservative systems, we took the road less traveled. We worked for over two years to create formulas that include safe, effective natural preservative systems. I simply did not want to hesitate when using our products on my kids, my husband, or myself. When we say super clean, we mean SUPER CLEAN. No nasty chemicals; not even a little bit.

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Because our daughter has Celiac, we understand gluten-free very well. And we know that most skin care brands shy away from committing to being GF. So we put a stake in the ground and decided that every product we make – now and in the future – will be gluten-free. For the sake of our gluten-free customers, and for our family.

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