When our daughter was diagnosed with Celiac and our son had a severe reaction to tree nuts within the same year, I did what any mom would do: I handled it. Tim & I abruptly made sweeping changes to our kitchen and then we turned a critical eye to the many products our family put on our bodies. It became alarmingly clear that most were ridden with chemicals and lacked transparency around whether they contained gluten or other allergens.

At the same time I had begun a fancy new skin care regimen, only to realize that the products were harsh chemicals that caused irritation, peeling, redness, and brutal dryness…a vicious cycle. I eagerly sought out clean replacements, only to find that I was left with a drained pocketbook and unimpressive results. So I set out to create for myself and others what I craved – super clean skin care that would help us feel more confident and beautiful in our own skin. No one should have to choose between health and beauty.

In 2015, Story Skin Care was born. Natural, gluten-free and incredibly effective, we quickly developed a following and glowing testimonials from customers. We keep things real – transparency is paramount in every facet of the Story brand. Which is why I decided I could do even better to deliver against my promise of clean, powerful skin care, and spent over two years reformulating our products to do the near impossible: combine natural, safe, effective preservatives with results-oriented, clean ingredients.

The result is a trio of products that are TRULY CLEAN and packed with natural, cutting edge ingredients like the under-the-radar powerhouse ingredient, Eggshell Membrane.

That’s my Story. We create super clean, naturally preserved, gluten-free skin care powered by incredibly effective natural ingredients to help you – and all of us – feel more confident and beautiful in our own skin.