April 09, 2018


Being a boss looks different these days.

Just ask Amy Bailey, owner and operator of a South Dakota insurance agency and dedicated wife and mother of three. She spends her days running her company, running her house, raising her children, working out, and somehow finding time for herself in the midst of it all.

She’s a busy woman.

Her story is both incredibly unique and utterly relatable, and that’s what makes it so inspiring. Many of us know what it’s like to juggle this and that, whether we’ve mastered the art of multi-tasking or still working on enjoying the chaos. In this What’s Your Story series, we’re sharing the stories of women who are equally inspiring and relatable, living lives that balance the mundane and the wonder that motherhood, work, and being a woman bring.

We met with Amy, a woman with a sense of humor, ease, and a quiet confidence, and asked her a few questions about herself, her story, and Story Skin Care.

What is a day in the life of Amy like?

A day in the life of me... I get up early and get ready to conquer the world at work. Most days are spent sitting at my desk, working on my computer. Throw in the occasional kid activity. I also try to work out several days a week. Cook supper, laundry, clean, and another day is gone! By 10:30, I am in bed. I deal with people all day long so sometimes I just want to go home and spend time with only my family!

You are a boss babe! What inspires you to keep leading well at work and in your life?
I am a woman working in a man's world. Insurance has always been predominantly a man's business. I take great pride in the service my office provides. My inspiration comes from the drive to be the very best I can at my job and be the best boss to work for. I basically want to conquer the world I live in.

You are the youngest of 5 girls and now have one of your own! What would you tell your younger self and your daughter about beauty and confidence?

I would tell my younger self to always take care of my skin. I’d say that moisturizing at a young age will help in the future. Growing up we would use baby oil to tan (!) and now I realize that was just not good for me! I tell my daughter to always stay true to herself, follow her gut, and never settle for less than she deserves. I believe following this advice will help with confidence.  

You’re a busy lady, juggling many things. Do you have time for a skin care routine?

I wash my face in the shower with the Story Cleanser. Afterwards, I’ll put on the Day Serum, let it dry, and follow up with the Moisturizer before applying any makeup.

Night time is the same -- I wash my makeup off every night, no matter what, and follow with the Day Serum and Moisturizer. I do this every single night. If I’ve had a long day, or a night with little sleep, I’ll put extra Day Serum under my eyes to soften the bags.

How did you find Story Skin Care?

I found Story through Carmen (founder). Before that, I tried all the brands: Mary Kay, Oil of Olay, Neutrogena, Clinique… and never found a product I was in love with. She introduced it to me in December 2015, and I’ve loved it since! I love that it has softened my crows feet and laugh lines, and makes my skin feel smooth and firm.

What keeps you coming back for more?

I love, love the Day Serum and Moisturizer. I love that my skin feels youthful. Before Story, my skin was just blah, and now it’s smooth and firm. I really love the Day Serum the most. It is hard to describe the feeling, but it really helped my "age" lines. I am 49 and still feel 24! My friends tell me that I don't look my age. At class reunions, people say that I can’t be that old… Guess what? I am, and I love how Story has helped slow the aging of my face! I can't be 24 anymore because my oldest son is 22. But I can look 39 and not 49!

Beauty does not equal confidence, but feeling beautiful can bring out confidence.

Yes. I feel confident in my appearance, and if I feel confident, I share that confidence with my kids, my husband, and my office.

Story has helped my confidence by making me feel young. I will be that 80-year-old grandma doing as much as I possibly can -- swinging at the park, swimming at the lake, playing with grandkids. Age is a number, and Story makes me feel younger than that number. I own my age, but I want to look and feel as beautiful as I can for as long as I can. Story helps me do that!


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