June 21, 2018


We all know that woman. The one who takes care of everyone else. The one who is thoughtful, caring, constantly running around for her kids, helping her husband, parents, and friends -- the one who is always there when you need her. Maybe she’s your friend or sister or mom. Maybe that’s YOU.

Heather Wienk is one of those women.

A mother of two, tax-preparing queen, taxi driver (for her kids though, don’t try to catch a ride!), and all-around thoughtful friend, Heather is a superstar who hasn’t always put herself first. It’s her nature to give it all to everyone else and for a long time, that is what she did. These days, she’s setting a new example by taking back just a little time for herself. Here is her story!

What is a day in the life of Heather like?

Well, I wake up, take a kid to one activity, come home to get the other kid, drive to the next activity, go pickup the first, maybe squeeze in a shower, go pick up the second one, have supper as a family, and hopefully take a walk after supper! After all of that running around, we race to be in bed by 10pm. And the next day, we do it all again!  

Wow! You are busy.

Yes. I also prepare taxes, and do computer work for a friend’s pottery and jewelry business. For fun, and when we do have the time, I love just hanging out with my family! My son and I play catch with the football as we walk most nights, and my husband and I enjoy riding our tandem bike together. And if there’s any alone time, I love to read and play Candy Crush… It’s my guilty pleasure!

Do you find time to take care of yourself?

I’m a giver so I mostly do things for others. I enjoy that, but often find I’m the last one I think of. So when I can squeeze in some “me time,” I feel better about myself. 

How does Story fit into that “me time?”

I’m very low maintenance, and for the longest time, if I washed my face once a day, that was a bonus! I started using Story over 2 years ago, and I just love how it fits into my busy life. I use the Cleanser in the shower, apply the Day Serum as my hair dries and slather on the Moisturizer as I walk out of the bathroom. It’s easy and effortless.

Now, people often compliment me about how young I look, and I think Story plays a big role in that!

That’s amazing! Let’s be real, we all want to hear that we look young!

When I first started using the products, my husband thought I had lost weight! I was like nooo, but thank you!

Before using Story, I was starting to get age spots or “wisdom spots” as my mom says. Now, the spot on my face has faded quite a bit. I may need to start using it on my hands!

I also used to have distinctive laugh lines around my eyes. Not anymore! Story has actually reduced my crows feet and laugh lines!

You are an inspiring woman. What inspires you, Heather?

Strong women inspire me - my mom, my sister, my girlfriends. They all balance full lives and make it look easy! I know we all have our extra “stuff,” but hearing how they tackle their days inspires me to keep plugging away.

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