Amazing Skin Tip: Cleanse at the end of your shower.

by Carmen Kubista February 09, 2017

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When you rinse your hair, you wash hair products onto your skin. Hairspray, mousse, gels, dry shampoos, pomades – and even your shampoo and conditioner – can clog pores and irritate your skin, leading to acne, overly dry or overly oily skin, and even premature wrinkles and lines. 

If breakouts or irritated skin are mostly along your hairline, jawbone, neck, or on your back, try switching your shampoo and conditioner, and possibly some or all of your daily hair products. 

Look for shampoos and conditioners without panthenol or sulfates. Panthenol is known to clog pores and cause skin problems. Sulfates are detergents that produce suds, but leave a film that wreaks havoc on skin. Many chemical facial cleansers and body washes also contain sulfates, so check all labels carefully.

Try not to over-use shampoo and conditioners. In general, washing your hair three times a week is sufficient. If you do this, though, be sure to change your pillowcase several times a week, because what gets on your pillow gets on your skin. And always cleanse with a gentle, clean cleanser every morning and every night. 

Cleanse your face, neck, chest, shoulders, and back in the shower only after you have rinsed, or washed and conditioned your hair. Style your hair and use a facial cleansing wipe to touch up along your hairline and neck before applying skin care and makeup.

Clean hair and skin care products are best, to avoid a build-up of toxic chemicals in your skin and on your scalp. Experiment with different shampoos and conditioners, and different hair styling products until you find a combination that works for you.

Carmen Kubista
Carmen Kubista


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