• Let's be real... Hydration is key, inside and out. Drink your ounces, then add an energizing and conditioning layer of care.

    Our Moisturizer is an intensely deep-absorbing blanket of hydration – a unique, yet simple, formula that gives your skin a necessary layer of love, providing you with nourishment and protection. 


    Story Moisturizer is powered by nature’s best hydrating and anti-aging oils from avocado, coconut, and jojoba, along with shea butter and hyaluronic acid. Our ultra-hydrating formula is smart and simple, leaving your skin with a non-greasy glow.


    • "Leaves my skin feeling energized, soft, conditioned."
    • "My skin feels supple, never greasy."
    • "My skin craves it!"
    • "I actually feel balanced, for the first time!"
    • "Soaks in so fast!"
    • "My skin feels moisturized but not greasy."

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